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Alemanha Reserves

(billion U.S. dollars, Fonte: The World Bank)

Reserves (billion U.S. dollars): Para este indicador, The World Bank fornece dados para Alemanha de 1960 a 2016. O valor médio por Alemanha durante este período foi 89.92 billion U.S. dollars com o mínimo de 6.96 billion U.S. dollars em 1962 e o máximo de 184.03 billion U.S. dollars em 2016.

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The reserves of Alemanha and other countries include their holdings of foreign currencies and gold. These are the reserves of the central bank and the treasury of the country, not the private sector.

When countries export products or attract investment from other countries, they receive foreign currencies. They use some of these currencies to buy imports and to invest in other countries. The rest is held in reserves and some of the reserves may be converted to gold.
Reserves do mundo. Criar e descargar gráficos para Alemanha, Reserves e outros indicadores com o país comparador.

Definition: Total reserves comprise holdings of monetary gold, special drawing rights, reserves of IMF members held by the IMF, and holdings of foreign exchange under the control of monetary authorities. The gold component of these reserves is valued at year-end (December 31) London prices. Data are in current U.S. dollars.