Costa do Marfim: Passivos líquidos, percentagem do PIB

(Calcular: percent; Fonte: The International Monetary Fund)

Passivos líquidos, percentagem do PIB (percent): Para este indicador, The International Monetary Fund fornece dados para Costa do Marfim de 1962 a 2014. O valor médio por Costa do Marfim durante este período foi 26.6 percent com o mínimo de 16.6 percent em 1963 e o máximo de 36.21 percent em 2011.
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Definição: Ratio of liquid liabilities to GDP. Liquid liabilities are also known as broad money, or M3. They are the sum of currency and deposits in the central bank (M0), plus transferable deposits and electronic currency (M1), plus time and savings deposits, foreign currency transferable deposits, certificates of deposit, and securities repurchase agreements (M2), plus travelers checks, foreign currency time deposits, commercial paper, and shares of mutual funds or market funds held by residents.