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Rússia Income and profits taxes

(percent, Fonte: The World Bank)

Income and profits taxes (percent): Para este indicador, The World Bank fornece dados para Rússia de 1998 a 2015. O valor médio por Rússia durante este período foi 4.88 percent com o mínimo de 1.38 percent em 2009 e o máximo de 11.52 percent em 2000.

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Income and profits taxes do mundo. Criar e descargar gráficos para Rússia, Income and profits taxes e outros indicadores com o país comparador.

Definition: Taxes on income, profits, and capital gains are levied on the actual or presumptive net income of individuals, on the profits of corporations and enterprises, and on capital gains, whether realized or not, on land, securities, and other assets. Intragovernmental payments are eliminated in consolidation.