Portugal: Outro tipo de receita sobre receita total

(Calcular: percent; Fonte: Bankscope)

Portugal: Outro tipo de receita bancária sobre a receita total, em percentagem

: Para este indicador, Bankscope fornece dados para Portugal de 1996 a 2014. O valor médio por Portugal durante este período foi 33.94 percent com o mínimo de 7.39 percent em 2004 e o máximo de 65.03 percent em 2014.
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Definição: Bank’s income that has been generated by noninterest related activities as a percentage of total income (net-interest income plus noninterest income). Noninterest related income includes net gains on trading and derivatives, net gains on other securities, net fees and commissions and other operating income. The number is only calculated when net-interest income is not negative. Note that banks used in the calculation might differ between indicators. Calculated from underlying bank-by-bank unconsolidated data from Bankscope.