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Percentagem do IDE mundial - Classificações de países:

O médio por 2015 foi 0.51 percent.O valor mais alto foi em Estados Unidos: 17.38 percent e o valor mais baixo foi em Bélgica: -0.95 percent. Abaixo há um gráfico para todos os países onde existem dados disponíveis para: Percentagem do IDE mundial.

Definição: Foreign direct investment refers to direct investment equity flows in the reporting economy. It is the sum of equity capital, reinvestment of earnings, and other capital. Direct investment is a category of cross-border investment associated with a resident in one economy having control or a significant degree of influence on the management of an enterprise that is resident in another economy. Ownership of 10 percent or more of the ordinary shares of voting stock is the criterion for determining the existence of a direct investment relationship. Data are in current U.S. dollars.