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Consumo das famílias, percentagem do PIB - Classificações de países:

O médio por 2015 foi 65.4 percent.O valor mais alto foi em Libéria: 150.06 percent e o valor mais baixo foi em Brunei: 20.17 percent. Abaixo há um gráfico para todos os países onde existem dados disponíveis para: Consumo das famílias, percentagem do PIB.

Definição: Household final consumption expenditure (formerly private consumption) is the market value of all goods and services, including durable products (such as cars, washing machines, and home computers), purchased by households. It excludes purchases of dwellings but includes imputed rent for owner-occupied dwellings. It also includes payments and fees to governments to obtain permits and licenses. Here, household consumption expenditure includes the expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households, even when reported separately by the country. This item also includes any statistical discrepancy in the use of resources relative to the supply of resources.